Rainy Days and Walnut Trees

The sound of rain pounding on my window woke me and lulled me back to sleep a moment later. Without realizing it, I slept an extra hour and woke with a start to Ev’s smiling face staring down at me.

“It’s a rainy day, mom.”

“It is indeed, Ev,” I look deeply into the most beautiful blue eyes.


“Oreo was in the kitchen, and she was afraid so I brought her upstairs to my room. She’s asleep on the floor now.” He points to our love junkie black lab/pit bull who opens one eye and looks at me before she drifts back into sleep. “But I wasn’t scared, Mom. I love rainy days.”

I know he’s trying to convince himself of this because we’ve shared many a conversation about thunder and lightning and rain.

“You do, huh? What do you like best about rainy days?”

Ev starts in with his hands describing the rain: “The trees blow, and I like the air coming off the trees. It’s cool, and it feels good.”

“When the wind blows through the trees and tickles your face that’s called a breeze, you know.” I explain. “Breeze could be your word for the day.”

Ev looks at me with that look of his that seems to say he has more to contribute to our conversation, but he is deciding whether or not to share his thoughts. Sometimes I think I can actually see the wheels turning or smell the smoke burning. His mind never rests. I wonder at this all the time.

“Yeah. I like the breeze. So do my friends.” He pauses here for a bit while he looks over the back yard. As his eyes rest on the black walnut tree, he looks back at me, “Actually, we need to get a new walnut tree, Mom, especially with all this rain.”

“Why do we need a new walnut tree, Ev? That tree is perfectly fine.”

“No it’s not! We need a new tree because all the walnuts fell off this one.”

Somewhere in the distance, I’m certain I heard a drummer play a rimshot—ba dum bum TSH. Or maybe that’s just the rain blowing a breeze through the walnut tree.


About cjpjordan

A poet, a writer, an artist, a thinker, a musician and occasionally a skeptic, when I'm not teaching or traveling, I love to read and write and play the ukelele. I'm loving life with my Little Wonder--his energy and joy for life is contagious. He makes me believe and hope again. I don't want to forget these moments that pass so quickly so I have decided to write them down for posterity and for you to enjoy.
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5 Responses to Rainy Days and Walnut Trees

  1. jenkautz says:

    Tell Ev he can have our walnut trees…we have 11 of em and they are not too fun to clean up every fall…;)

  2. Elizabeth Smith says:

    miss our English walnut trees! Ev is so cute with his thinking!!

  3. Janie Sherry says:

    You certainly have one smart cookie there!! Did your Mom ever say, “I hope you have a child just like you one day!”?? LOL

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