The New Girl

Ev has a new best friend. Her name is Lila, and she lives next door. Lila is seven years old, has beautiful red hair and is very, very precocious. All Ev talks about these days is having Lila over for a “sleep over”. So far, I’ve managed to dodge this awkward subject entirely using my finely honed skills of evasion and distraction; however, there are some things from which he will not be distracted. Most days, Ev will stand in our back yard facing her window and just call for her to come out to play until she hears him.


Glancing over at me tonight, Ev says, “By the way, Mom, Lila keeps calling me baby and sweetie, and I don’t really like it.” I suppose Ev hasn’t realized the fine art of love nicknames yet.

Pet names aside, Ev has begged to go and play with Lila for the hundredth time this evening. I’ve given in since Lizi has promised to stay outside with them. When Lila joins them, she looks longingly at the bowl of trail mix on the porch.

“I could really go for some food right about now. I mean, I am really REALLY hungry. I could go for just about ANYthing to eat.”

Ev, glancing up at his woman with eyes of love, says, “Well, I could share my trail mix with you, Lila.”

“Hmmmm. Yeah. Maybe. If you want…”

She’s a coy one, that Lila.

A few minutes later, as they are munching on trail mix and talking about dead dogs and mosquitos and the ever desired “sleep over”, I hear: “Oh my goodness gracious! There’s a spider, and it’s like this tiny.” Ev holds up two fingers about ¼ inch apart. “I need to smack it. Mom! Mom! Oh man, mom, what can I use?”

Racing into the kitchen, he starts rummaging through the kitchen drawers before I have a chance to answer.

“Ha-ha!” he says as he holds up a small orange spatula and takes off running back to Lila. “I got somethin’ to get that spider so he doesn’t bite you.”

Wielding his small spatula like Excalibur, Ev smacks at the ground.

Lila says, “I need one, too…just in case he escapes.”

“No problem, Lila. Take this one. I’ll go get another one.” The door slams behind him again as he races back to the kitchen drawer. “Got it, mom!” he yells as he races past me to rejoin Lila on the porch. As the door closes behind him I hear, “If we see another bug let’s smack him with our weapons! Ha-ha!”

“Good idea, sweetie.” Lila purrs.

As the street lights come on, I hear Lila’s dad come out and call her in. Ev walks her to her porch reluctantly and comes back home singing at the top of his lungs, “I just wanna’ feel this moment…”

It doesn’t take much to please a 4 and 7 year old: trail mix, a porch step and a couple of spatulas. Oh, and maybe a hint of love in the air. Cheap for an evening of entertainment.


About cjpjordan

A poet, a writer, an artist, a thinker, a musician and occasionally a skeptic, when I'm not teaching or traveling, I love to read and write and play the ukelele. I'm loving life with my Little Wonder--his energy and joy for life is contagious. He makes me believe and hope again. I don't want to forget these moments that pass so quickly so I have decided to write them down for posterity and for you to enjoy.
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5 Responses to The New Girl

  1. Vicki says:

    So cute! both of them.

  2. Lisa Davis says:

    Love this story!!

  3. jenkautz says:


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